Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day before test jitters!

While I have not posted in quite a long time I assure you Ihave been studying. I have spent a significant amount of time going back over the ASWB study guide, using their online practice test (and reviewing it's rationales) and studying the handouts from the Washington NASW Licensure Review course.

As the day of reckoning quickly approaches I am trying to keep in mind what I think will be the most pertinent points to guide my reasoning and application on the test.

  • Licensure is mostly to protect the consumer, use that to guide your answers
  • Safety of the client/family/public first (always choose the answer that protects)
  • Always rule out a medical condition first when given assessment options
  • Pay attention to qualifiers or buzz words (Most, First, Least, Next)
  • Choose the answer that directly relates back to the patient's presenting problem when given multiple plausible intervention choices
  • Respond to the item as it appears (don't read into it or apply it to a real life situation you have had)
  • Don't let your past experience lead you astray! Remember, this is a hypothetical client! They are looking for a textbook answer (not the think outside the box answer)
  • If you are unsure, look at the answers, is there one that is clearly different than the other three Example: Enmeshed families often display: a) positive communication b) healthy boundaries c) respect for one another's self determination d) lack of boundaries Obviously 3 of these answers are "healthy" traits and one (lack of boundaries) is not. You could pick the one that is clearly different or mutually exclusive from the others even if you did not know the definition of an enmeshed family.
  • Always consider rapport building. Whenever possible acknowledge the clients feelings or statements before moving on.

Hopefully by 2pm tomorrow I will be finished with my LICSW exam with a big smile one my face. Then I can relax, celebrate the holidays and hopefully enjoy some fresh powder in the mountains of Montana! Will keep you posted.