Sunday, February 14, 2010

I passed!

I am happy to report that I passed the LICSW with flying colors! I apologize for not posting sooner -- I am glad a comment was made on the blog which reminded me to post an update. The test seems like one of those things that you obsess about for so long that after it's over you just want to forget about it and move on!

Firstly, the server crashed at my site so my test was delayed by a day. Talk about a let down! To have all that adrenaline pulsing and to feel ready to just get it over with and then to find out you can't. Not to mention postponing the celebratory drinks at my husband's holiday party that night :( However, I have to say the staff at the testing site were extremely apologetic and helpful in getting us all rescheduled.

The next day I returned, feeling glad that at least I had done a "practice run" (i.e. how to get there, where to park, layout of the site). The actual exam wasn't too bad. I think one key point to remember is to acknowledge feelings and build rapport first. Frankly, I began to second guess myself because it seemed like there were 20 questions related to this.

There were only 2 questions on the test where I had NO CLUE! I basically had to guess. Many questions I knew right away I found it helpful to use tips from the LICSW Review course that I took through the Washington NASW chapter (hierarchy of needs, build rapport/acknowledge feelings, rule out medical issues). I only had one medication question, so I over prepared in that area. I flagged more than I thought I would (maybe 30 or 35) and went back to review only the flagged questions. As 3 hours approached I was mulling over the flagged questions and just second guessing myself so I took a deep breath and hit "QUIT".

My coworker told me that when you hit quit, the screen goes blank and then a "You passed" screen with the score pops up. This did not happen for me -- instead it asked me to take a short survey about my testing experience. I immediately feared that I had failed and they wanted to survey me to see why. Silly, I know, but they literally hold you hostage and make you go through a 10 question survey before you get your score. I personally don't find it a very ethical survey since you cannot opt out -- but once it was over I got the "You passed" screen and I was relieved to put it all behind me.

Hope this was helpful and good luck to all of you out there!