Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Post! Narrowing down the area of study

So, as I am preparing for the Washington LICSW exam I have found that
a) It has been a very long time since college/grad school (or it feels that way)
b) There is so much POTENTIAL material for test questions
c) I need direction! Otherwise I surely will study all the things that I will never get a test question about.

Here it is -- after poking around on the ASWB website, the content areas of the test! I am keeping these in mind and using them as a guide.

Human Development 22%
Diversity 6%
Diagnosis and Assessment 16%
Psychotherapy/Clinical Practice 16%
Communication 8%
The Therapeutic Relationship 7%
Professional Values and Ethics 10%
Clinical Supervision, Staff Development 4%
Practice Evaluation, Utilization of Research 1%
Service Delivery 5%
Clinical Practice Management 5%

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